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GSoC 2014 - Application Template

This is the application template for students who want to participate in GSoC 2014 with OGDF.

The following template describes the structure an application for an OGDF project should have. The bold text is the headline, and the text in italics is a description of what we expect under this headline. If you need further explanation because you don't understand what we're asking for in any of these sections, please write an email to

Please include the following sections in your application. Strip out everything in italics and replace it with your own information! It's only there to give you instructions, and is not meant to be part of your application.

Personal Details

Name: Your first and last name

Country: Where are you from?

University/College: Identify your college/university and faculty by name, and give its location (city, state/province/etc, country). Add a link to your university's (or faculty's) homepage.

Years completed: What year will you have just finished when you start GSoC?

Current program: Identify your major, what degree type you are working on (BA, MS, PhD, etc), and what year you are (freshman, junior, 2nd year candidate, etc).

Email: Your email address

Phone: Your phone number (including international code)

Other contact channels: You can list, e.g., your Google+ account or Skype ID here

Personal website: If you have a personal website you can add its URL here

Project Description

Project title: Title of the project idea as given on our ideas web page, or the title of your own idea

Detailed description: Describe your project in detail. Whether you took the idea from our ideas list or it's something you've come up with on your own, propose your project here. Please be as detailed as possible.

What have you done so far? Include any work or research on this project you have already done.

How do you plan to realize your project? Please give a project plan with a (rough) time schedule of milestones and deliveries here.

Anticipated challenges: Identify any challenges or risks there are to the project not being as successful as you hope or not being completed by the end of the GSoC term.

Programming Experience

Programming languages: List the programming languages you are familiar with. Please also describe your level of experience (expert, good, medium, …).

Operating systems: List the operating systems (Windows, Linux, Mac, …) you are familiar with.

Libraries: If you have already used any programming libraries, please list them here.

Open source software experience: If you have contributed in the past to open source projects (including participation in GSoC), please list them here.

Academic Experience

Academic Performance: List what you're studying in university/college that is relevant, how you're doing in your program, etc. Please be specific about which programming courses you've completed.

Do you have any experience with graph algorithm or graph drawing (theory or applications)? Here you can list, e.g., courses you have attended, algorithms you have implemented, or tools you have used so far.

Please describe your knowledge in algorithms and data structures: Here you can list, e.g., courses on general algorithms and data structures you have attended and which of the basic data structures and algorithms your are familiar with.


Have you already used OGDF before GSoC?

Why are you interested in graph algorithms / graph drawing / your particular project?

After GSoC, you envision your involvement with OGDF will be:

Additional Notes

Anything else you want to tell us? You can add any further notes or additional information you want to give us here.

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