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Google Summer of Code™ 2012

OGDF has been accepted as a mentoring organization for the Google Summer of Code™ (GSoc) 2012!

Student applications period (March 26 – April 6) is already over, and decisions on accepted applications have been made. Accepted students have been announced on the GSoC web page.

There is a special area for accepted students, with some in-depth information and pages for reporting progress. (restricted access)

Accepted Projects

Hypergraph Layout

OGDF contains state-of-the-art crossing minimization heuristics for hypergraphs, based on the planarization approach. However, there's not yet a complete layout algorithm for drawing such graphs. Aim of this project is to implement a layout module for hypergraphs that uses this crossing minimization procedure and produces an orthogonal layout. The layout algorithm shall also support constraints for laying out electronic circuits, which is an important application for hypergraph layout.

Student: Ondrej Moriš (Masaryk University, Brno, Czech Republic)
Mentors: Carsten Gutwenger, Markus Chimani

Links: Original Project Idea

Parallelization of Layout Algorithms

Several OGDF algorithms contain procedures that can be parallelized in a straight-forward way. E.g., the implementation of the crossing minimization steps in the planarization approach and Sugiyama's algorithm perform several runs (and then take the best result), which can be run in parallel, or some algorithms handle connected components independently. The aim of this project is to identify and parallelize these algorithms. The challenging part of this project is to keep the additional memory consumption for the parallel running threads low and to achieve a good speed-up.

Student: Nick Vanbaelen (Catholic University of Leuven, Belgium)
Mentors: Sven Mallach, Martin Gronemann, Carsten Gutwenger

Links: Original Project Idea

Bertault Layout

Classical force-directed layout algorithms do a good job in achieving uniform edge lengths and distributing the nodes on the drawing area, but are unable to consider edge crossings and thus often produce many crossings even for planar graphs. A good alternative is to combine planar drawing methods with force-directed algorithms, but this requires a force-directed layout algorithms that preserves the planar embedding of the graph. Bertault's algorithm is such a force-directed layout algorithm. Aim of this project is to implement Bertault's algorithm and to combine it with OGDF's planar drawing algorithms.

Student: Smit Dilashkumar Sanghavi (DA-IICT, India)
Mentor: Karsten Klein

Links: Original Project Idea

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