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sierpinski_04.gml, 325x320 pixels

gml2pic is a command line utility that converts a graph layout stored as GML file into a graphics file. Supported graphics formats are the bitmap formats PNG, JPEG, TIFF and the vector graphics formats SVG, PDF, EPS. It is based on OGDF and uses Qt 4 for high-quality graphics rendering.

Author: Carsten Gutwenger
Current version: 2.0 (12.06.2012)

License: GPL v3

Main features

  • supports GML file format extensions as used by OGDF and GDE
  • drawing of nodes, edges, and clusters
  • supports line styles, colors, and width for nodes, edges, and clusters
  • various nodes shapes (rectangle, ellipse, rhombus, trapeze, hexagon)
  • flexible drawing of arrow heads scaled with respect to line width, with correct anchoring at node bounding boxes
  • drawing of rich text with formatting of font, style, color, and alignment
  • automatic rendering of curved lines for edges using circular arcs, quadratic or cubic B├ęzier curves
  • various bitmap formats (PNG, JPEG, TIFF), freely scalable bitmap size
  • anti-aliasing of lines and text in bitmap graphics
  • true vector graphics (SVG, PDF, EPS) with correct bounding boxes
  • usage of file patterns (e.g. gml2pic graph*.gml)

For example drawings, see the gml2pic example and gallery pages.


Here, you can download the current version v2.0 of gml2pic. You can chose between the source-code package (requires the OGDF and Qt libraries to be installed) and a ready-to-use installer package for Windows.

  • Windows installer [.msi] (5,0MB)
    Windows 7/Vista/XP binaries and example GML/OGML files as Microsoft Installer package.
    Built with Visual Studio 2010, Qt 4.8.2 and OGDF developer version (June 2012).


The gml2pic utility is used from the command line. The basic syntax is

gml2pic [ Options ] input-graph

You can get a short description of syntax and options by typing gml2pic -help. See the reference documentation for a detailed description of available options and the tutorial for a short introduction.

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