Open Graph Drawing Framework
current version:
v.2015.05 (Baobab)

How to Build gml2pic

In order to build gml2pic from the source files, you need to download gml2pic's source-code package and have installed the following libraries on your system:

gml2pic should work on all platforms supported by both libraries; it has been tested on Windows 7 with Visual Studio 2010 and Ubuntu Linux with g++ 4.3. In the following, we assume that Qt's bin directory is in your file search path (as described in Qt's installation instructions).

The build mechanism is based on Qt's qmake utility. Please follow these steps:

  1. Copy the file gml2pic.config.default to gml2pic.config.
  2. Edit gml2pic.config and adjust the OGDF_INSTALL_PATH to point to your OGDF installation directory.
  3. Open a command line shell and go to gml2pic's installation directory (cd path-to-gml2pic).
  4. Type: qmake
    This creates a Makefile on Linux/Mac systems, or a Visual Studio project file on Windows.
    The Visual Studio project contains both a release and a debug target; if a Makefile is created, this builds the release version (type qmake -config debug instead to create a Makefile for the debug version).
  5. You can now build gml2pic:
    • Linux/Mac: Type: make
    • Windows: Open the created project gml2pic.vcproj (or gml2pic.vcxproj for VS 2010) and build it in Visual Studio.

On Windows, the gml2pic executable is then located in the release subdirectory (or the debug subdirectory if you've build the debug version); on Linux the executable is located in the gml2pic's installation directory.

As an alternative for Windows and Visual Studio, you can also create a Makefile with qmake -tp app and build gml2pic with nmake from the command line. You can also build a Visual Studio project file from the command line with msbuild (type msbuild /p:Configuration=Release to build the release version). Notice that calling the Visual Studio tools from the command line requires that the paths are set accordingly, which is automatically the case if you use a Visual Studio command prompt.

It is convenient to add gml2pic's release directory to your file search path, so that you can call gml2pic from the command line without giving the full path name.

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