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gml2pic Examples

These images were produced by gml2pic; the examples show bitmap graphics (PNG, JPEG) as well as vector graphics (PDF). The corresponding GML files are contained in gml2pic's installation packages. The layouts have been produced using OGDF and GDE.

The drawings on this page were created with version 1.1 of gml2pic!


This diagram shows the interconnections (“who owns whom”) between German power supply companies.
It demonstrates the usage of rich text within nodes and the rendering of bend points with circular arcs (-curve arc -curvedLength 15).

power-supply.gml (click to enlarge)

  • also available as PDF


This graph shows the time-line of the development of the UNIX operating system.
It demonstrates the automatic rendering of edges as cubic Bézier curves (-curve cubic).

unix-history-time.gml, 800x1237 pixels


This examples shows a business process that contains clusters.
It demonstrates the rendering of clusters with labels and the automatic rendering of edges as quadratic Bézier curves (-curve quad).

sales-order.gml (click to enlarge)


This example shows a larger graph with 10,240 nodes and 30,380 edges.
It has been completely processed by gml2pic (including reading and parsing the GML file) in 1-3 seconds (depending on graphics format and compression level).

crack.gml (click to enlarge)

  • also available as PNG and PDF


This example show a data-flow diagram. In the input GML file, most edges are anchored at the center of the source / target nodes; gml2pic adjusted the anchor positions to the nodes' rectangular bounding boxes such that arrow heads are nicely placed.
It also demonstrates the automatic generation of cubic Bézier curves.

data-flow.gml (click to enlarge)


This example just demonstrates the drawing of nested clusters and some fancy drawing features like different line styles and node shapes (rectangle, ellipse, hexagon, trapeze), as well as formatted text.

Sample_1.gml (click to enlarge)

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