Open Graph Drawing Framework
current version:
v.2015.05 (Baobab)

Projects by the OGDF Team

Here, we present programs that build on OGDF, developed by the OGDF team. These projects aim at extending OGDF, supporting OGDF developers, and increasing the usability for end users.


Example PNG produced by gml2pic by Carsten Gutwenger

gml2pic is command line utility that converts a graph layout stored as GML file into a graphics file. Supported graphics formats are the bitmap formats PNG, JPEG, TIFF and the vector graphics formats SVG, PDF, EPS. The example to the right shows a PNG output with different line styles and colors.

gml2pic is perfectly suited for displaying the layouts produced by OGDF algorithms, and it works well with the GML extensions used by GDE. It is available as source-code under GPL v3 license and can be build on Windows, Linux, and Mac OS (building requires an installation of OGDF and Qt 4). There is also a Windows installer available that contains the Windows binaries.

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