Open Graph Drawing Framework
current version:
v.2015.05 (Baobab)

Changelog v. 2007.11 (Bubinga)

New Features

  • Additional (optional) template parameter for used size/index type in Array, ArrayBuffer, BoundedQueue, BoundedStack, MinHeap, and Top10Heap.
  • Specification of hash function as (optional) template parameter in Hashing and HashArray.
    • The default hash function is implemented by DefHashFunc<K> (instead of function hash()); this can be extended to further types by specializing DefHashFunc.
  • Revised implementation of HashArray2D.
    • Supports now different types for each index.
    • The hash-function can be passed as (optional) template parameter.
    • entry(const I&,const I&)operator()(const I1&,const I2&)
    • Iterators: key(I&,I&)key1() and key2()
  • The new class DualGraph represents the geometric dual graph of a combinatorial embedding.
  • New augmentation algorithm for planar biconnected augmentation with fixed embedding (class PlanarAugmentationFix).
  • Planar drawing algorithms now implement a call for drawing with a given planar embedding.
    • The base class PlanarGridLayoutModule defines this interface.
    • PlanarStraightLayout, PlanarDrawLayout, and MixedModelLayout implement this interface.
  • The planarization layout can now be called with GraphAttributes like other layout algorithms; setting/getting of options made consistent with ogdf naming style. The following changes were done:
    • UMLPlanarizationLayoutPlanarizationLayout
    • UMLLayoutModule inherits from LayoutModule
    • PlanarizationLayout has now a call(GraphAttributes&)
    • setCliqueSize(int)minCliqueSize(int)
    • added int minCliqueSize()
    • preProcessCliques(bool)preprocessCliques(bool)
    • added bool preprocessCliques()
  • SugiyamaLayout has a new option arrangeCCs (deciding whether components are laid out separately and arranged afterwards) and a new module option packer (for arranging connected components). Setting arrangeCCs to false and passing node ranks directly allows to get a layout which truly respects the layering across all connected components.
  • LongestPathRanking has a new option optimizeEdgeLength; setting this option to false gives a longest-path ranking as known from the literature; default is true which is same behavior as before (performs additional optimization for reducing edge lengths).

Minor Modifications

  • Unified interface for containers (ArrayBuffer, BinaryHeap, BoundedQueue, BoundedStack, MinHeap, Top10Heap).
    • size() returns the current number of elements in the container.
    • capacity() returns the maximal number of elements that can be stored in the container (if applicable).
    • empty() returns true if the container contains no elements.
    • full() returns true if the current number of elements has reached the capacity (if applicable).
    • clear() removes all elements from the container.
  • Unified naming conventions for array classes:
    • Array2Array2D
    • HashingArrayHashArray
    • TwoDHashArrayHashArray2D
    • TwoDHashIteratorHashConstIterator2D
  • Usage of size_t instead of int in:
    • BendString::BendString(char,size_t)
    • BendString::operator[](size_t)
    • BendString::size()
    • BendString::set(char,size_t)
    • BendString::init(char,size_t)
    • String::String(size_t,const char *)
    • String::length()
    • String::operator[](size_t)
  • Removed String::operator const char *(); use the new method String::cstr() instead.
  • Usage of const String& instead of const char* in:
    • CliqueFinder::writeGraph(Graph &, NodeArray<int> &, const String &)
    • GraphAttributes::readGML(Graph &, const String &)
    • GraphAttributes::writeGML(const String &)
    • GraphAttributes::readXML(Graph &G, const String &fileName)
    • GraphAttributes::writeXML(const String &, const char*, const char*)
    • GraphAttributes::readRudy(Graph &, const String &)
    • GraphAttributes::writeRudy(const String &)
    • String::compare(const String &,const String &)
  • GraphAttributes return now default values for type(node) and type(edge) even if the respective arrays are not initialized.
  • Renamed GraphStructureGraphObserver.
  • The Methods assignNode(), unassignNode(), and removeNodeAssignment() in ClusterGraph are now private (not meant for public use).
  • Added constructor PlanRepUML(const GraphAttributes&).
  • Changed default augmenter of PlanarStraightLayout and PlanarDrawLayout to PlanarAugmentation.
  • Removed OrthoFormerUML (obsolete); renamed OrthoFormerGENERICOrthoShaper.
  • Renamed UMLOrthoLayoutOrthoLayout and UMLPlanarLayoutModuleLayoutPlanRepModule.
  • Revised design of ClusterPlanarizationLayout:
    • ClusterPlanarizationLayout does not inherit from UMLLayoutModule anymore.
    • Removed unsupported call methods.
    • Removed (unused) module options subgraph and inserter.
    • Changed type of planarLayouter to new module type LayoutClusterPlanRepModule.
    • Changed base class of ClusterOrthoLayout to LayoutClusterPlanRepModule.
    • Renamed ClusterOrthoFormer to ClusterOrthoShaper
  • Renamed ClustererBaseClustererModule and moved header ClustererModule.h to ogdf/module/.
  • Logging output of Coin Osi solver turned off by default (previous version produced some output in debug builds).

Bug Fixes

  • Fixed possible rounding error in LPSolver::checkFeasibility().
  • Fixed C++ template syntax for print() function of BoundedQueue.
  • Removed ”LPSolver::” in declaration of LPSolver::checkFeasibility() (did not compile with some g++ versions).

Build System

  • Visual Studio project file: Added configuration file makeVCProj.config for specifying project template and optional settings for LP-solver.
  • Support for Visual Studio 2003 (Visual C++ 7.1) by selecting ogdf.vcproj.vs2003.template as project template.
  • Linux/g++ makefile: Build targets renamed to release, cleanrelease, etc. (instead of release_all, release_clean).
    Available make targets are now debug, saferelease (-O0), and release (-O1); default is release which yields a typical performance gain over the previous release (with -O0) by a factor of 2.5−12. We discourage using -O2 or -O3 with g++, since this is not stable.
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