Open Graph Drawing Framework
current version:
v.2015.05 (Baobab)

Changelog v. 2012.07 (Sakura)

New Features

  • Clean-up of classes for planarity testing and embedding:
    • PlanarModule has been renamed to BoothLueker; both have been adjusted to the new interface specified by PlanarityModule.
    • Introduced a base class PlanarityModule specifiying the interface for planarity testing and embedding.
    • Derived BoothLueker and BoyerMyvold from PlanarityModule and adjusted their interface.
    • Added new functions for planarity testing and embedding to extended_graph_alg.h, making it easier to call this functionality: isPlanar(), planarEmbed(), planarEmbedPlanarGraph()
    • Remark: If you used PlanarModule for planarity testing or embedding in your programs, you have to rewrite your code! The simplest way is to use the above functions from extended_graph_alg.h instead.
  • Changed the interface of embedder modules from PlanRep to Graph.
  • Added module option for the embedder to PlanarStraightLyout and PlanarDrawLayout.

Minor Modifications

  • renamed some graph load functions (for consistent naming):
    • loadRomeGraphStreamloadRomeGraph
    • loadChacoStreamloadChacoGraph
    • loadSimpleGraphStreamloadSimpleGraph
    • loadBenchHypergraphStreamloadBenchHypergraph
  • made Array2D::det() method const
  • moved definition of MemElem to MallocMemoryAllocator
  • replaced ogdf's min/max by std::min/std::max
  • renamed eLabelTypeLabelType
  • made destructor of class Thread virtual

Bug Fixes

  • Fixed crashes when compiling with gcc and -O2 or -O3. By default, OGDF release builds now use -O2.
  • Fixed crashes of some embedder modules when the input graph contained blocks just consisting of two parallel edges. Affected where EmbedderMaxFace, EmbedderMaxFaceLayers, EmbedderMinDepth, EmbedderMinDepthMaxFace, EmbedderMinDepthMaxFaceLayers.
  • Fixed a bug in the special handling of isolated nodes when minimizing crossings with SugiyamaLayout. Previous code did not work as intended, the revised code can decrease the number of crossings in many cases.
  • Fixed a bug in makeConnected(): now also works for empty graphs (just returns)
  • Added missing header files for SteinLibParser.
  • Corrected various errors when compiling HyperGraph.h.

Build System

  • Added support for gcc 4.7.
  • Added support for Visual Studio 2012.
  • Added support for MinGW on Windows (just 32-bit MinGW version).
  • Added support for LLVM/clang on Linux.
  • Adjusted generated project files for Visual Studio, so that source files can now be compiled in parallel.
  • OGDF can now be built as DLL with Visual Studio 2008-2012
  • OGDF can now be built as a shared library on Linux with gcc and LLVM/clang
  • Clean-up of OGDF's main directory:
    • moved project templates to the subdirectory config
    • moved OGDF's doxygen configuration file ogdf-doxygen.cfg to the subdirectory doc
  • Documentation adjusted to latest doxygen version (
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