Open Graph Drawing Framework
current version:
v.2015.05 (Baobab)


GPL Notice

The OGDF library is open-source software licensed under the terms of the GNU General Public License version 2 or version 3. By downloading the software, you agree to this license agreement. Please see our license page for details and special exception for linking other libraries.

Please note that the library may not be used in closed-source commercial software projects (whether linked statically or dynamically).

System Requirements

The library can be build for various platforms. We tested it on Linux and MacOS X using the gcc and LLVM/clang C++ compilers, and on Windows using Microsoft Visual C++ compilers. The software may also work under other operating system / compiler combinations, e.g., UNIX systems with gcc compiler.

For the releases, you will also need to have Python 2.6 or 2.7 installed for creating a Makefile or Visual Studio project file. For the more recent snapshots, you need CMake instead.

Download Here

Current Release: v. 2015.05 (Baobab) [5.4 MB]

See also the Porting Guide for Baobab.

For changes and older versions see the version history.

Installation instructions can be found here:

For converting graph files (e.g. in GML format) created by OGDF into pictures, you can use the gml2pic tool, which supports various picture formats like PNG, JPG, PDF, or EPS. OGDF has only direct support for SVG.


Besides the regular releases, we release snapshots of the current development base irregularly. Please note that these snapshots may contain untested code, bugs, and unfinished documentation, since they are directly obtained from the source code repository. On the other hand, they contain the latest changes, improvements, and bug fixes.

The snapshots may contain some code-breaking changes that will be part of the next release. The Porting Guide explains these changes and how to rewrite source code written for OGDF v.2015.05 (Baobab). We also transition our configuration system to CMake, please refer to the Build Guide.

In the latest snapshot we use C++11 features, so you need a recent C++ compiler (gcc >= 4.8, LLVM/clang >= 3.5, Visual C++ >= 2015)

The reference documentation of the latest snapshot can be found here.

Download snapshots

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